Activity Patterns

Enhancements that know you
  • Make better energy decisions with more information
  • Stop guessing about when to set your thermostat to adjust
  • Use the learning about actual usage from the security system to create smarter thermostat schedules

Connecting valuable information

An energy management system is much smarter when it's connected to your security system. Using a home's day to day activity patterns will help optimize energy saving schedules to actual usage. Activity Patterns is integrated with Alarm.com's security services platform so itís able to uniquely leverage data from the security system about activity throughout the home. With this increased insight, users are empowered to schedule their heating and cooling systems to run more efficiently and save money.

Stop wasting money

How much energy are you wasting when no one is at your property? Activity Patterns uses the behavioral insights provided by the security system to set smarter schedules and raise or lower the temperature while no one is there. Simply check the Smart Schedules Activity Patterns box to show the energy saving recommendations and you can stop wasting energy and money in no time.

2012 cepro best winner

Alarm.com is the winner of the 2012 and 2013 CEPro BEST Award for our Energy Management & Home Automation solutions.