Customized Triggers

It's automatic
  • Trigger lights to turn on or off based on alarms, arming or sensor activity
  • Have the security system automatically arm when you lock the doors
  • Adjust your thermostat when you arm your security system for the night
  • Make sure that your locks are locked whenever you arm your system

Personalized convenience
These controls allow you to set personalized triggers and consolidate multiple actions into one. No longer will you have to fumble for your keys in the dark and enter a dark house searching for the light switch. Your personalized triggers allow the touch of a single button to unlock your house and turn on your lights so you can safely and comfortably enter your house. These are completely customizable and can be set based on day, time of day, or system event.

Added security
Whether you're home, heading home or want people to think you're home, Customized Triggers can help improve the security of your home. One touch of a button can lock all the doors and arm your house as you head to bed for the night, turn the lights on and adjust the thermostat when you're leaving work, or have the lights turn on when there's any sensor activity when you're away.