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Better Security

Alarm.com uses a secure wireless signal to communicate to and from a property. Alarm.com's technology keeps you protected even if the phone line is cut, the power goes out, or the control panel is damaged.

Select the security monitoring features you are most interested in.
Alarm.com enable two-way communication with your property giving you remote system control and increased awareness about what is happening right now at the property from a computer or Smartphone. It works 24/7 whether the system is armed or disarmed.

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With Alarm.com's innovative features, you can gain important business intelligence by monitoring alarm and non-alarm activity. Use Alarm.com to deter burglary, theft and vandalism at your property and to make sure things run smoothly.

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Receive weekly/daily reports of armings/disarmings
Receive weekly/daily reports of everyday activity
Create schedules to automatically arm system  
Monitor multiple locations on one interface
Free mobile apps let you use your Smartphone as a powerful and convenient remote control for your security system. Alarm.com mobile applications give you instant access to your property in the palm of your hand.

Choose the platform you plan to use to control your security system and monitor your home or business.
iPhone, iPod Touch
Windows Phone
Web-enabled cell phone
With Alarm.com Video you can watch live video feeds, search and view saved clips, and receive an instant video alert when activity is detected. You can even automatically record if motion is detected or the front door opens so you always know who's there.

Select the video monitoring features you are interested in below.
View live video from computer or smartphone
Set motion-triggered recordings
Search and view video recordings
Use outdoor night vision cameras
Use indoor fixed cameras
Remotely control pan/tilt cameras  
Connect current analog cameras
Monitor and adjust your energy consumption right from your cell phone or computer, helping you make smarter energy decisions. With Alarm.com, it's easy automate, monitor and control your lights and thermostats.

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Remotely monitor and control door locks from your computer or Smartphone. Lock and unlock your door remotely, create unique users codes and be able to check to see if the door is currently locked right from your Smartphone.

Select the lock control features that interest you below.
With Alarm.com, versatile automation schedules and powerful security rules can do more than make life easy; they can help you stay secure and stay connected while running a home more efficiently and simplifying daily routines.

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Have the lights turn on when you disarm your system
Automatically turn down the thermostat when you arm your system
Automatically lock the doors when the system arms
Turn the front light on when the door opens

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