Interactive Security Solutions

Key benefits:
  • Advanced home monitoring technology
  • Tamper Resistant technology
  • No phone line or Internet connection required
  • Monitor your property even when the system is disarmed
  • Stay aware with email and text notifications
  • Control your home via the web or mobile app

Stay protected and connected, even if the phone line is cut, the Internet is disconnected or the power goes out. Learn More.

 With a Cannon Smart Home, have your lights automatically come on during an emergency.  So you can get out safe.  Learn More.

Crash & Smash Protection
Our technology protects you from an intruder destroying your security panel by sending an alert at the first sign of entry. Learn More.

It's like OnStar in your home.  Our two-way voice technology keeps you safe and connected during any emergency. Learn More.

Toss your keys!  Assign each family member a unique user code and receive a quick text when people come and go.   Learn More.
Access your Cannon Smart Home from anywhere.  Save money on energy & come home to a well lit house. Learn More.
Receive a text or email from your smart home when there is any activity at your property. Learn More.
One easy to use free mobile app with intuitive technology keep you connected and in control.  Now that's smart.  Learn More.

Seamless integration
Beyond better security and interactive services, Alarm.com also seamlessly integrates and delivers top-quality: