Smart Schedules

Personalize your schedules

Cannon gives you the flexibility to define automatic schedules for your lights and thermostats that are completely personal. You can adjust your temperature and turn lights on and off based on time of day and day of week. So you can make it look like you're home when you're travelling or simply make sure you walk into a well lit house when you come home at night.

An intelligent security solution that thinks for itself
  • Schedule the bedroom and living room lights to turn on at 6:15 am on weekdays when you wake up, and then turn off at 8:00 am right after you leave for work
  • Automate the lights to turn on and stay on for 30 minutes if a security alarm is triggered
  • Have the front hallway light turn on when you disarm the security system
  • Automatically turn down the AC after the last employee leaves the office at night
  • Turn up the heat an hour before the kids get home from school